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Here is an update on Princess Wilkerson's Donation drive as of 11/07/2018 we have received 
$528.00 toward our goal of 
$821.50 and have expended 
$380.59 to date for blood tests and medications. The second round of blood tests and medication will start on Tuesday 11/09/18.  If all goes well then her surgery will follow shortly there after.


Princess Wilkerson a seven year old savior cocker spaniel for an eighty six year old grandmother needs our help.  Princess helped save her mom when she was having a heart attack.  Then Princess helped her mom get off a walker and walking on her own without assistance. 

Princess's mom now needs our help to give Princess Wilkerson the needed surgery to correct her thyroid and sever hormone imbalance.  This will include a full blood work up, thyroid monitoring and medication; and a total doggie hysterectomy to help correct her maladies.  As of 10/13/18 an additional $200.50 for a second round of blood tests and iron deficiency medication is needed before her surgery can be completed.
We at cocker rescue have secured a new estimate for Veterinary services at a cost of $821.00, but we need all our followers to help us reach this goal.  This will help Princess Wilkerson live a long life and continue protecting her Mom.

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We at Las Vegas Cocker Rescue are looking for volunteers and fosters to join us in our mission to protect and save Cocker Spaniels that have been lost, abandoned, and/or found themselves
in a kill shelter.


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Please check The Animal Foundation website for Cocker Spaniels that are in Adoption
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