We are an all-volunteer group dedicated to animal welfare and rights, and we focus our efforts on the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of English and American Cocker Spaniels.
Since the Las Vegas Cocker Rescue was founded, we have received support for our cause through volunteerism, raising modest amounts of funding through adoption fees and fundraising events.  With the contributions received, we have been able to assist local shelters as well as private citizens with the rehoming of their Cocker Spaniels whenever the need was brought to us.  We take pride in the fact that thanks to our members, volunteers and contributions, many of the Cocker Spaniels that would have otherwise been sacrificed for numerous reasons have been saved.
We are always in need of pet supplies and monetary donations as well as foster homes and volunteers to be able to save more Cocker Spaniels in need.  Every little bit helps, and your contributions matter greatly.  Unopened dry dog food, unopened treats, leashes, collars, ear wash and flush and open wire kennels are always needed.  If you have any of these items you no longer need or would like to purchase any of these items and donate them to Las Vegas Cocker Rescue, please contact us through our e-mail or call us at the phone numbers listed on our website.
Most of these Cocker Spaniels, by no fault of their own, come to us with many medical issues and our greatest expense incurred in the rescue of these Cocker Spaniels is their veterinary care.  It is of the utmost importance for us to have these dogs healthy, happy, and ready for placement in our network of foster homes until a forever home can be found.
We rely solely on donations and fundraising events to continue our work at Las Vegas Cocker Rescue.  As you all know, we will continue to do our best in rough times as well as prosperous times to assure that both shelter and private owner Cocker Spaniels put into our charge will receive the best care and love that they all deserve.  But without your continued support and generosity some of these bundles of love will not get to a well-deserved forever home.  Please make a monetary donation today to brighten the future of one of our Cocker Spaniels and give them the forever home they so rightly deserve.  You may send your tax deductible checks or money orders to the address on our website or you can charge a donation through the Paypal donation link.
Las Vegas Cocker Rescue and most of all the rescued Cocker Spaniels would like to send a heartfelt thanks to you all in advance for any donation given.  It will allow us to help more Cocker Spaniels now and in the future to reach the loving family they so deserve.
Your generous contribution may be all that stands between a happy new start in life and a horrible, unnecessary end for an innocent Cocker Spaniel.

Mailing Address:
Las Vegas Cocker Rescue
8324 Sea Glen Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Our Generous Benefactors
Without your kind donations, we would not be able to help any
Cocker Spaniels
We thank you….and they thank you!
Donations in Memory of

In Loving Memory of Grampa Pete Gerardini.  Love, Cakes & Crackers
In memory of Mr. Bailey Hoyt Wilson-Consoli of Foxridge and his owners Matt and Laura Consoli.  Love, Sandee Ferrara
In loving memory of Max.  Love Josette Kramer
In loving memory of Nakita and Natasha McGlone

In loving memory of our dear Snoopy – you are missed! 
Love, Your Family – The Johnsons

 Donations Received In Memory of Janice Prather

In Memory of Robert Cuomo Beloved Husband of Diane Cuomo


In Memory of Hutey we love and miss you Dana and Theresa

Monetary Contributions
 Allen and Angela Capps
Hayden Mandelblatt's Mitzvah Project
Dean and Maria Davidson
Emmie Wood
Don and Pam Linne
Lia Neil
American Kennel Club
Susan Breckton
Vince Neil
Lisa and Tim Campbells
Kathy and Tim Crook
K. Dickson
Mike and Linda Dockins
Veronica Dunn
Jacquie Goodman
Hale Pet Door Co.
Michelle Leoni
Mr. and Mrs. Masters
Carol Monk
National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec)
Dean Nelson
Liz Netta
Dana and Theresa Pecor
Dennis and Gail Rodriguez
Mary Sanders
Marissa Schanbacher
Jay Sebastian
Rose Soter-Lomen
Shirley Staggs
Cocker Club of Las Vegas, Inc.
Tim and Rachael Mears
Dog Jewlry, Inc.  Karen Ross
Phil and Carol Ansuini
Patrice Ingersoll
JR & Doug Polzien
Kathleen and Gary Schwebs
Lynn and Bennett Rifkin
Jill and Harry Gadberry
Dan Espino
Amy Hardin
Walt Emery
Leslie Mihalko
Shannon Doucett
Mary Chairs
Phil Rosenquist
Rosalie and Steve Marquette
Dori Kenny
Gwen Loucks
Sue Retter
Liz Federmack
Wade and Casey
John and Marj Kennedy
Kristen Gerami
Shirley Bellinger
Carmen Moxley
                                                             Larry Blau
Goods and Services
Sahara Animal Hospital
Ark Animal Hospital
Craig Road Animal Hospital
Distinctive Dog Academy
Shaggy Shaggy Shake
Vince Neil
Linda Dockins
Michelle Leoni
Theresa Pecor
Robert Sibulkin
Ella Johnson
IBO’s Restaurant
Bernadette Murray
Macy’s Home Store
Grooming by Melissa
Tim and Rachael Mears
Kathleen and Gary Schwebs
Lia Neil
Dean Nelson
Lone Mountain Animal Hospital
Veterinary Opthamology Service
Las Vegas Veterinary Referral Center
Cindy Koziol
Joel and Robert Slovis
Gwen Loucks
Shirley Rains
The Paw Spa
Marj Kennedy

Don and Pam Linne
Joan and Dave Mason
Beth Taylor
Teresa Davis
Gwen Loucks
Jackie Lapolla
Leigh Sullivan
Mirjhana Hill
Diane Woodward
Diana Hutchings
Joel and Roberta Slovis
Kristen Gerami
Juanilla and Dennis Lubrano
Keri Balsamo
Olivia Vallee
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