Adoptable Cockers

We Would Like to Welcome
Sophie to the LVCR Adoption Family

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sophie.  I'm kind of new to this adoption gig, you see.  I have been in a loving home for the past year and a half, but my mom works long hours and I end up in my crate for around eight hours a day.  I really don't mind the crate that much, it just makes me a little sad and lonely not having my Mom with me more often. 

Well I over heard Mom talking to some real nice folks at Las Vegas Cocker Rescue this afternoon and they have agreed to find me a perfect forever home where I will be loved and have more attention during the day and night.  I thought that sounded real nice, until I realized I would have to the leave the Mom I have grown to love.  I guess this will be for the best and I do look forward to meeting my new forever family I have been promised.

I am a one and half year old black and white party color female cocker spaniel, I am all up to date on my shots, I have been spayed, and I will be micro chipped once I see Dr. A for my wellness check.  I will be out at the Pet-A-Palooza Adoption Event this Saturday 4/18/15 to meet my potential adoptive family, could that be you.  If I am the one for you don't delay call today and ask for me, Sophie.  My adoption fee is $250.00 and I can be contacted at

Would Like to Introduce
Miss Scarlett

Hi there my name is Scarlett and boy am I glad I was finally cleared by the Vet and now able to be places on the Las Vegas Cocker Rescue website ready for adoption. 

My story sort of goes like this…  I was left off at LIED by some folks as a stray found wondering in their neighborhood, AKA my owners…  You know how it goes, once someone finds out there is a medical issue or we get a little too old they dump us as fast as possible…Ugh.  Well the folks at Las Vegas Cocker Rescue rescued me from a certain death sentence at LIED and took me to stay with Aunt Jamie, Bonnie and Bonkers….  Boy do we have a ball.  I am kind of getting sidetracked here…let me see where was I oh, after LVCR rescued me, we found out that I had a mammary tumor that would need to be removed.  Go figure, my life was not bad enough, now this.  I guess you just have to play the cards your dealt and these were mine.  So I was taken to Dr. A’s and he did an A1 tip top tumor removal that came back as malignant but, there were wide margins of clear tissue all around as stated by the pathologist.  This was great news that I’ve been waiting a little over a week for as well as my saviors LVCR.  The other good thing is the x-rays at the time of the surgery and the x-rays just taken today show that it has not metastasized to any of my organs or surrounding areas, that is a relief, I was really sweating that one. 

Now here is my Bio…  I am a 5 year old reddish brown and white merle female English Cocker Spaniel.  I am all up to date on my shots, I have been spayed, my surgery was a success, and I have been micro chipped for my safety.  If this is what you have been searching for in a furry companion my adoption fee is $200.00 and you only need to hop on over to your computer to contact LVCR and ask for Scarlett, at

One of Our Sweetest Cockers
up for Adoption
(Adoption in Progress)


I had a loving home I thought, but my owners decided they didn't want me anymore, you know this throw away society we live in today...  Boy was that a shocker.  I will be your best friend if you will let me, I just need some love and attention. 

I am a reddish and buff with white markings, 4 year old female English Cocker Spaniel.  I am all up to date on shots, I have been spayed, and I have been micro chipped for my safety.

LCVR has found through a foster to adopt situation that I am not real fond of young children... to tell you the truth they sort of frighten me with their high activity levels, but teenagers are fine in my book.  Other than that, I am the most loving little girl you could ever ask for.  My adoption fee is $200.00 and I can be reached through Las Vegas Cocker Rescue at

Please Meet our Loveable
Miss Biscuit (AKA Bambina)

I would like to introduce myself to you, I am Biscuit (AKA Bambina).  When I was just a pup I was enthralled with a neighborhood kitty.  While my enthusiasm for meeting was a friendly gesture it was a little too over whelming for that kitty.  With one quick swipe of its paw I lost one of my eyes.  I am a little stand offish when it comes to kitties now, but I love children and other dogs. 

My story is a little heartbreaking, in that I have a 13 year old girl I love dearly and she loves me…  Well my family cannot afford to take care of me anymore, so I am anxiously awaiting a new forever home, with the holidays just around the corner.  I would much prefer to stay right where I am, but that is out of the question…

I am a 9 year old buff with white markings American female cocker spaniel.  I am all up to date on my shots, I have been spayed, and have been micro chipped for my safety.  If you are looking for a loving little girl like me, then please contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue and ask to see beautiful Biscuit.  My adoption fee is $175.00 and you can reach us at

Urgent Request to Find
Lost Cocker Spaniel

Hi my name is Oreo and I have been several months now  (Centennial Hills Area) If you have seen me or have taken me in for safe keeping, I really need to find my way home to my Dad (Sam). I am an all black, with a few light white markings male cocker spaniel. I have been neutered and I'm quite friendly. Please if you see me or have seen me please call my Dad at 1-509-821-0292 or contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue at

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