Adoptable Cockers

Urgent Request to Find
Lost Cocker Spaniel

Hi my name is Oreo and I have been several months now  (Centenniel Hills Area) If you have seen me or have taken me in for safe keeping, I really need to find my way home to my Dad (Sam). I am an all black, with a few light white markings male cocker spaniel. I have been neutered and I'm quite friendly. Please if you see me or have seen me please call my Dad at 1-509-821-0292 or contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue at

Meet our Four Legged Phenom
Buddy Miller
(Adoption Pending)

Hi there my name in Buddy Miller, but I should not be confused with Bode Miller that downhill ski racer, even though I think I could take him, cause I am real fast.  Matter of fact I am so fast I threw out my hip and my surrogate Mom and Dad had to keep me in a small pen for my recuperation. 

I am all healed up know, but I have a trick knee, I know just like that Bode Miller guy.  The knee doesn’t bother me much unless I get to over rambunctious.  That’s why I need a real active family that will take me for walks and play with me to get all that pent up puppy energy out of me.

I am a 2 year old buff with white markings Male American Cocker Spaniel.  I am all up to date on my shots, I have been neutered, and I have been checked out six ways to Sunday by numerous Vets and been given an A1 rating.  I will have a microchip for my safety before I am adopted out to my new forever home. 

If you think I am the one little guy you have been searching for to fill out your active family, then please contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue today to adopt me.  My adoption fee is $175.00 and you can contact us at

Straight from the Bayou
(Adoption Pending)

Hi there my name is Scampi, yah that's right just like shrimp scampi.  Don't ask me I had no part in the naming convention.  Well my story kind of goes like this...  I was happy as a clam, get it shrimp and clam... well anyway as I was saying, back at my house with my Mom and this new guy shows up one day and the next thing I know my Mom's getting married and presto I'm left alone at my house while my Mom is living with her new husband and his dogs at his house.  I did see Mom like once a day to be fed and fill my water bowl but, I didn't get to cuddle and play with my Mom anymore... ugh.  

Then one day Mom came and we went for a ride in the car, I thought everything had been worked out and I was finally going to meet up with my new Dad and his dogs and live happily ever after.  That was not to be, instead I was taken to a parking lot at a restaurant and given to a stranger I had never seen before, never to see my Mom again.  I was brought to my new home by my new caretaker Miss Kitty and she loves animals.  She could not stand that I was locked in a house with no human contact accept for maybe once a day. 

Settling in at my new home was hectic to say the least, I was overwhelmed by these two ferrets that my new Mom had, they didn't like me one bit and to tell you the truth there was no fondness from me toward them either.  That all said my new Mom decided I had to find a new home.  I overheard her talking to Las Vegas Cocker Rescue and the next thing you know I was picked up by Aunt Teresa.  Boy I love it here with her Cocker Spike, we play together, eat together, and we have hugs and kisses sessions, what a life.

I am a 10 years young male white with buff markings English Cocker Spaniel, I am all up to date on my shots, I have been neutered, and I have been micro chipped for my safety.  I much prefer females over males as far as people are concerned, could you blame me.  If you could find it in your heart to take me home, love, and take care of me I know in my heart that given time I would be able to accept and love whomever I find a new home with.  My adoption fee is $175.00 and you can contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue at

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