Adoptable Cockers

We Would Like to Introduce
Sir Adam (AKA Inky)
(Adoption in Progress)

Hi my name is Adam (AKA Inky), I guess the shelter folks called me Inky because I have black fur, go figure, humans...  Well, then where was I... Oh, I was picked up by the dog catcher and dumped off at LIED, boy what a scary place that is.  You try and get some rest and the dog in the next pen starts barking, then the next dog, and the next, you get the picture.  I was fortunate though, that Las Vegas Cocker Rescue was notified and rescued me from certain death.  You know I have never in my short
life been through something as horrible as this and hope I never do again.

I am a 5 year old black with one white marking on my chest, English Cocker Spaniel, I am all up to date with my shots, I have been neutered, and I have been micro chipped for my safety.  

I love to go to the park with my new friend Woody, he is a lot older than I am, but you would never know he is 13 years young with the activity level he has.  If you are looking for a fun loving, well behaved, and handsome boy, if I do say so myself, then don't wait, contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue today and ask to see Sir Adam.  My adoption fee is $200.00 and you may inquire at

Please Meet our Loveable
Miss Biscuit (AKA Bambina)

I would like to introduce myself to you, I am Biscuit (AKA Bambina).  When I was just a pup I was enthralled with a neighborhood kitty.  While my enthusiasm for meeting was a friendly gesture it was a little too over whelming for that kitty.  With one quick swipe of its paw I lost one of my eyes.  I am a little stand offish when it comes to kitties now, but I love children and other dogs. 

My story is a little heartbreaking, in that I have a 13 year old girl I love dearly and she loves me…  Well my family cannot afford to take care of me anymore, so I am anxiously awaiting a new forever home, with the holidays just around the corner.  I would much prefer to stay right where I am, but that is out of the question…

I am a 9 year old buff with white markings American female cocker spaniel.  I am all up to date on my shots, I have been spayed, and have been micro chipped for my safety.  If you are looking for a loving little girl like me, then please contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue and ask to see beautiful Biscuit.  My adoption fee is $175.00 and you can reach us at

Urgent Request to Find
Lost Cocker Spaniel

Hi my name is Oreo and I have been several months now  (Centennial Hills Area) If you have seen me or have taken me in for safe keeping, I really need to find my way home to my Dad (Sam). I am an all black, with a few light white markings male cocker spaniel. I have been neutered and I'm quite friendly. Please if you see me or have seen me please call my Dad at 1-509-821-0292 or contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue at

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