Adoptable Cockers

We Would Like to Introduce a Bonded Pair
Freckles and Sadie

                                                         Adoption in Progress

Hi there, we are the newest adoptees to hit the Las Vegas Cocker Rescue family.  Let me introduce you to my sister Sadie who likes to sit outside and watch the birds and people as they walk by our yard.  Now on the other hand, I much prefer to be inside with my owners and their children.  Oh… by the way my name is Freckles.  We are a loving pair that will need to be adopted together, I just could not bear the thought of not being able to be with my sister and of course her with me. 

Well my Mom and Dad need to move and will no longer be able to care for us…  Please don’t let my sister know that I overheard my Mom talking to some real nice folks at Las Vegas Coker Rescue about relinquishing us… ugh!  My family would really like to keep us both, but it just isn’t in the stars.

I am a 6 year old male English Cocker Spaniel as is my sister, well she’s female, but you know what I mean, she’s and English Cocker Spaniel also. I am the handsome one on the left and she is a natural beauty to the right.  I have been neutered and Sadie has been spayed, we are both up to date on our shots, and we both will be micro chipped for our safety once our wellness check with Dr. Arteaga has been completed.
If we are the two most adorable siblings that you just cannot live without, please contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue to adopt and give us the loving forever home we so deserve.  Oh I almost forgot our adoption fee is $200.00 each and we can be contacted for interviews though Las Vegas Cocker Rescue at

One of Our Sweetest Cockers
up for Adoption


I had a loving home I thought, but my owners decided they didn't want me anymore, you know this throw away society we live in today...  Boy was that a shocker.  I will be your best friend if you will let me, I just need some love and attention. 

I am a reddish and buff with white markings, 4 year old female English Cocker Spaniel.  I am all up to date on shots, I have been spayed, and I have been micro chipped for my safety.

LCVR has found through a foster to adopt situation that I am not real fond of young children... to tell you the truth they sort of frighten me with their high activity levels, but teenagers are fine in my book.  Other than that, I am the most loving little girl you could ever ask for.  My adoption fee is $200.00 and I can be reached through Las Vegas Cocker Rescue at

Please Meet our Loveable
Miss Biscuit (AKA Bambina)

I would like to introduce myself to you, I am Biscuit (AKA Bambina).  When I was just a pup I was enthralled with a neighborhood kitty.  While my enthusiasm for meeting was a friendly gesture it was a little too over whelming for that kitty.  With one quick swipe of its paw I lost one of my eyes.  I am a little stand offish when it comes to kitties now, but I love children and other dogs. 

My story is a little heartbreaking, in that I have a 13 year old girl I love dearly and she loves me…  Well my family cannot afford to take care of me anymore, so I am anxiously awaiting a new forever home, with the holidays just around the corner.  I would much prefer to stay right where I am, but that is out of the question…

I am a 9 year old buff with white markings American female cocker spaniel.  I am all up to date on my shots, I have been spayed, and have been micro chipped for my safety.  If you are looking for a loving little girl like me, then please contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue and ask to see beautiful Biscuit.  My adoption fee is $175.00 and you can reach us at

Urgent Request to Find
Lost Cocker Spaniel

Hi my name is Oreo and I have been several months now  (Centennial Hills Area) If you have seen me or have taken me in for safe keeping, I really need to find my way home to my Dad (Sam). I am an all black, with a few light white markings male cocker spaniel. I have been neutered and I'm quite friendly. Please if you see me or have seen me please call my Dad at 1-509-821-0292 or contact Las Vegas Cocker Rescue at

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